TheraScribe Archive

The downloads below are from previous versions of TheraScribe.  Previous version of TheraScribe are no longer supported and these downloads are provided as is.

TheraScribe 15.2


Enhancements (click item for more details)

1. Enhanced Security to address HITECH requirements.

2. Add Custom Signatures to customizable TheraScribe screens and reports.

3. Track database connections for Small Practice installations to help reconnecting to correct database.

4. Verbiage changes on Recovery screen to address ASAM changes.


Bug Fixes and corrections

1. Correct the F code for “Adjustment Disorder, with disturbance of conduct” from F43.25 to F43.24.

2. Fix crash on loading/editing Admin Reports

3. Add missing Group CPT code of 90853

4. Fix schedule default start date of 1753 to today’s date

5. Fix Cross Threading error when adding sessions w/ Outlook integration

TheraScribe 15.1

This release, version 15.1, contains several new features including support for DSM-5 diagnoses and ICD-10 codes.  (Supports Windows 7 and above.)


TheraScribe 5

Supports DSM-IV